Commercial Pressure Washing

Rejuvenate your buildings and equipment

Over time, dirt, mold, and stains develop on building exteriors such as roofs, walkways, and sidewalks. While a mall with filthy walls or a parking lot with a foul smell may put off customers today, pressure washing can prevent outside intrusions such as mildew and fungi from doing long-term damage to porous internal and external surfaces.

Regular cleaning is good for the longevity of your building, and it’s cheaper to maintain assets than to repair them.

We work with owners, managers, chief engineers, and plant and facility managers to provide industrial cleaning services to a multitude of areas:

  • Warehouse and factory pressure washing
  • Heavy equipment cleaning
  • Dock pressure washing
  • Parking garage pressure washing
  • Concrete and sidewalk pressure washing
  • Brick and wall washing
commercial pressure washing equipment

Pressure washed equipment lasts longer and is safer

Maintenance and cleaning of industrial machinery is absolutely vital to the success of any commercial or industrial operation. What’s more, ignoring unclean and potentially hazardous machinery can threaten the safety of your staff.

Regular power cleaning of your machinery means less downtime because by eliminating the build-up of dirt, rust, soot, grease, and grime, your equipment is less prone to failure, which ultimately means projects get completed on time and on budget.

We Do things differently

No contracts
We have to earn your business every day because we don’t lock you in.
Transparent pricing
Our clear and concise statements tell you exactly where your money is going.
More managers
Our managers have fewer buildings to manage, so are in your building more often.
Certified cleaners
Cleaners go through extensive training and are tested regularly.
Frequent inspections
Management staff inspects work on a regular basis to catch areas of improvement.
We’re a family business that’s trusted by organizations across the northeast.
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