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Pressure Washing

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We are experts in industrial and ceiling cleaning for printers, commercial warehouses, manufacturing facilities and plants. From small storefront projects to huge new-build or renovations, we can take care of all of your post-construction clean up needs.

Post-Construction Cleaning

When your commercial construction is complete, look to Above All Industrial Cleaning LLC  to provide the final thorough and detailed cleaning that’s needed after construction ​

Our staff is dedicated to going above-and-beyond service expectations, with resources readily available to do the job quickly and effectively.

​Our trained staff will work with you to ensure the cleaning project is completed on time and within budget.

  • Rough Cleaning:  Remove small construction debris including dust, caulking, paint overspray and adhesives.  Windows,  window frames and interior glass and are thoroughly cleaned during this process.
  • Final Clean:  This process will get your facility move-in ready.  Service includes detailed cleaning of all interior surfaces of cabinetry, complete restroom cleanings, washing of all baseboards and flooring.
  • Touch-Up Clean:  Construction dust will continue to settle for a few weeks to a month following any construction project.  This service will take care of settled dust on horizontal surfaces and baseboards, as well as removing accumulated dust and any smudging from interior glass.

Rafter & Ceiling Cleaning

Our specially designed commercial and industrial high surface cleaning ​solutions cover:

  • Ceiling
  • Ceiling Trusses
  • Rafters
  • Conduit
  • Light fixtures
  • Exterior of duct work
  • Beams
  • Storage racks/shelving

Pressure Washing

Above All Industrial Cleaning LLC provides high powered pressure washing services to all of it’s Industrial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning clients.

We work with owners, managers, chief engineers and plant and facility managers to provide quality pressure washing services to a multitude of areas:

  • warehouse pressure washing
  • heavy equipment cleaning and pressure washing
  • dock pressure washing
  • parking garage pressure washing
  • concrete pressure washing
  • sidewalks pressure washing
  • brick and wall pressure washing

We listen to your needs and get it right the first time!

6 States Serviced

65 Years of Experience

About Us

Drawing on over 65 years of experience, Above All Industrial Cleaning LLC was founded to fill an unmet need – providing high level and industrial cleaning with the focus on improving the health and safety of your facility and its employees. ​

Our expert technicians are fully OSHA certified, go through extensive training and are up to date on current best practices in the cleaning industry.

We carry a complete and comprehensive portfolio of insurance. ​

We are a family owned and operated business who takes pride in what we do. We don’t just promise – we deliver – and stand behind our commitment to the highest quality industrial cleaning services in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa.

If you are looking for a professional organization that will listen to your needs and design a cleaning project to exceed your expectations with minimal or no downtime, you have come to the right place.

Our services extend the life of equipment, reducing costly repair, replacement or rental programs.


  1. Improves indoor air quality
  2. Assists with passing inspections and code regulations
  3. Reduces OSHA & NFPA violations
  4. Decreases fire hazard risk, as well as prevent a breeding ground for mites, mold, bacteria and other pollutants
  5. Prevents contamination of the production floor below from falling dust and debris from ceiling and rafters
  6. Prevents rust from forming on rafters
  7. Decreases insurance premiums
  8. Increases employee morale

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